Dear WOPC Families,

Happy New Year! We hope this newsletter finds you in high spirits, eagerly anticipating the exciting journey that lies ahead in 2024.

Exciting News: We are thrilled to share wonderful news – West Oakville Preschool Centre has successfully secured substantial funding from the Halton Region for the renovation of our Centre Staff Room and Kitchen! These enhancements are pivotal in enhancing the overall environment at WOPC, providing our dedicated staff and beloved children with a more comfortable and efficient space. We encourage you to come and witness the beautiful transformations firsthand. Additionally, Sunzie Sunshine has been a tremendous success, receiving positive feedback from children, parents, and staff. It warms our hearts to see parents extending the program by celebrating their children’s birthdays with Suzie Sunshine in the entire classroom at WOPC. We are also exploring more enrichment programs for spring and summer. With the continued support of our community, we look forward to an even brighter future filled with enrichment and community engagement.



Policy Update: A crucial update on our policies – effective January 1, 2024, all Ontario-based childcare centers, including WOPC, are now required to implement a Safe Arrival and Dismissal policy, prioritizing the safety and well-being of our children. We’ve recently updated the Parent Handbook, and we highly encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with these changes.

Gratitude: As we step into the New Year, our heartfelt gratitude extends to each and every one of our families for your unwavering support and patience. Since the announcement of the CWELCC, our Centre has experienced overwhelming interest, leading to operating at full capacity. We understand the challenges this may pose for families in terms of waiting times, and we genuinely appreciate your understanding during this period. For those on our waiting list, rest assured that we are actively managing the situation and will reach out as soon as a spot becomes available. Your child’s well-being and education remain our top priorities, and we are diligently working to accommodate as many children as possible into our programs. Stay connected through our regular communication channels and social media platforms for updates.

Workshop Recap: This month, we had the pleasure of hosting an insightful workshop focused on understanding and supporting children’s emotions. Our Resource Consultants from the Halton Region not only provided valuable information but also consistently offer support to our classrooms, staff, and families. The workshop witnessed a fantastic turnout, showcasing the dedication of our families to learning and engaging in discussions about childhood development. It aimed to provide valuable insights into navigating the diverse range of emotions children experience, offering practical tips on how to best support them. Your participation was truly inspiring, reinforcing the strong sense of community at West Oakville Preschool. Stay tuned for more workshops in the future!

Click HERE to Downoad the Emotion Coaching Workshop 2024

Wishing each of you a wonderful start to the year.

Warm regards,

Amanda Feng and Cathy Matsos
West Oakville Preschool Centre