Dear WOPC Community,

As we wrap up the year, we wanted to extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who contributed to making our 2023 Christmas Concert a resounding success. Witnessing the joyous smiles of parents and loved ones while our children performed filled our hearts with immense happiness. Your presence made the evening truly special, and we eagerly anticipate creating more cherished memories together next year!

We want to extend heartfelt thanks to those who made this event possible:

Mr. Paul Kruk: Your dedication and portrayal of “Santa” added enchantment to the event. Your efforts were truly appreciated! You did a fabulous job!!

Mrs. Lei Tao: Your beautiful decorations and balloons transformed the concert stage into a magical space. They were a tremendous hit!

Our Incredible Staff: Your hard work and dedication in preparing the performances with the children are truly commendable. You play an indispensable role in creating a nurturing environment at our Centre.

Former Summer Staff: Madison and Sarah: Your role as MCs and the captivating slideshow curated by Madison and Ms. Jordana added an extra sparkle to the evening.

Our Valued Board Members: Your volunteerism and support continue to be the backbone of our Centre’s success.

St. Volodymyr: We are incredibly grateful for the use of the beautiful ballroom every year for our special event.

We also extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in our fundraising endeavors, including “The Scented Market” and “Purdy’s Chocolates.” Your support helped raise over $1,300, which will be instrumental in enriching our Centre’s programs.

Exciting news! We’ve received generous funding from the Halton Region for two significant renovation projects:

Renovation of Kitchen and Staff Room: We’ve been granted $36,054.94 to enhance these areas, and we eagerly anticipate the final transformation.

New Playground Fence: In 2024, we’ll install a new fence with the help of the $14,045.90 grant. This will further ensure the safety and enjoyment of our little ones.

Additionally, the children have been thoroughly enjoying Susie Sunshine’s interactive music program in all classrooms. The anticipation for her visits is palpable, and her sessions have been a delightful addition to our curriculum.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we are filled with gratitude for the positivity and support that has defined this year. Here’s to a promising and healthy 2024 for our entire WOPC family!

Warm regards,

Amanda Feng and Cathy Matsos

WOPC Management Team