It’s always a great day here at West Oakville Preschool Centre!

We have been waiting a long time in anticipation for the re- opening of our Centre to parents and visitors. On March 14th,2022 we were given permission from the Ministry to finally open our doors! This has been a tremendous success! In-person tours have been taking place as well as visits from family members to their children’s classrooms.

We have had an exciting past couple of moths here at West Oakville Preschool Centre! The children have been enjoying the beautiful weather by going on nature walks and collecting “treasure” from our beautiful surroundings!

In an effort to teach the children about sustainability, this spring we will be creating a vegetable garden right inside of our playground! The children will be participating in the planting process, as well as caring for the plants. We have had many parents contribute to our gardens by donating seedlings or clippings of plants and flowers as well.

Just recently, we hosted a Picture Day for the entire Centre to participate in. All of the children had their pictures taken, as well as all of the staff members! We have also been collaborating with a local company to purchase memory books to store some of these beautiful memories, and the great news is that West Oakville Preschool Centre gets to receive a portion of their sales to use towards purchasing much needed supplies for the Centre!

In other news, we have added a new teacher to our team here at West Oakville! We would like to introduce you to Ms. Huriya! Ms. Huriya is an E.C.E. and will be working alongside Ms. Chona and Ms. Nermin in the Koala classroom. Also, we have received great news from the government that they will be funding summer students to work here throughout the summer! A couple students have already started the position with us! We look forward to accommodating more students in the near future.

We have been busy preparing for our senior students graduation from daycare! More to come regarding our Graduation Celebration!

We are very appreciative and thankful to have such wonderful parents and children affiliated with our Centre and we will continue to cherish these wonderful relationships.