From the West Oakville Preschool Educators…

Early Years Ideas and Creatives

Early Childhood Educators are by far the most creative people I know. I think I am allowed to be biased since I am an Early Childhood Educator myself. West Oakville Preschool teachers take pride in their programming and the way we implement them on a daily basis. Whether it’s working on the children’s fine motor skills with scissors, paper and glue sticks or having a large group activity where you ask the children questions to work on their cognitive skills. WOPC teachers plan their programming on a week to week basis to ensure a variety of activities and new learning skills.

The Pinterest website/app is one of my favourite ways to find ideas for programming. You can find anything you want, either it’s DIY’s or how to set up your dramatic centre in your classroom.

At WOPC we are encouraged to sign up for seminars through The Halton Resource Connection, to freshen up our knowledge. We learn new ideas, meeting new child care workers and hearing what other centres are doing helps us to stay current and creative.


Instagram is another great resource to find new creative ideas. Interacting with other centres and seeing their ideas when it comes to creatives and teaching lessons for the children.

Children really enjoy trying out new activities and arts/crafts. It’s beneficial to their learning development by practising their coordination and gross/fine motor skills. It also helps them express their thoughts and emotions in a safe environment and helps them to learn to think critically. By offering new and exciting activities and art/crafts in our programming each week with each, we are encouraging the very important early years development.
Ms. Maryanne
Preschool Teacher, Panda Room